Founded in 2010
Quality Never Compromised.
Pharm Origins has been a global leader in all natural, clinically tested natural health products since 2010.  We hold ourselves to the strictest manufacturing standards and we maintain every nutritional certification possible. Our products are the purest and safest found on planet earth.

Fusion IONZ™, founded in 2010, is a worldwide industry-leading maker of Class 1 Medical Devices. Our proprietary, wearable non thermal FAR Infrared technology is a natural way to support healthy circulation and healing. We offer a variety of wearable solutions to will ensure you meet your health goals. Our rapid growth since 2010 has come from customer “word of mouth” due to our innovative products and great customer support. To date, we have not spent a single dollar on national advertising.

Our mission is to use our knowledge of human health to keep expanding and advancing our product lines while improving lives globally. All Fusion IONZ™ products have been clinically studied and laboratory tested to ensure the highest level of efficacy.

Pharm Origins™, founded in 2011 is a worldwide industry-leading, natural health brand. Our offering of proprietary, safe and effective supplements have helped thousands of customers supporting supporting goals of every kind. Our products help to improve your overall health and wellbeing so you can #liveyourbestWe offer a wide range of proprietary formulas that will exceed your expectations and help you achieve your desired health goals.

Our rapid growth since 2011 has come customer “word of mouth” due to our great products and great customer support. To date, we have not spent a single dollar on advertising.

Fusion Health and Vitality @ 2017 - World Leader in Health